1st Odycceus Conference on Opinion Dynamics and Cultural Conflict in European Spaces


19 June 2018 - 22 June 2018    


The conference takes place in Leipzig, Germany

The conference covers all topics that we are working on in the project ranging from game theory, over opinion dynamics modeling up to natural language processing and opinion mapping. There will be sessions on projective game theory, frames alignment and polarization, conceptual spaces for political communication or precision language analysis for argument mining

As part of the programme, more specific CIST contributions on Opinion Dynamics and Geopolitical Conflits

Claude Grasland (Université Paris Diderot/Géographie Cités, France) (joint work with Vladimir Kolosov, Romain Leconte, and Maria Zotova)
Geopolitical conflicts and opinion dynamics : Georgian crisis (2008) in the miror of French and Russian newspapers
Etienne Toureille (Université Paris Diderot/FR2007 CIST, France)
How is Europe declining in minds? Semantic vs econometric diachronic analysis of what “Europe” could be according to the representation of Turkish undergraduate students (2009-2013)