Within the framework of its 2019-2023 quinquennial contract, CIST supports 5 exploratory projects set up for various periods linked to their context (one-off project or prefiguration of a structuring theme). They will be evaluated by the scientific council at the end of this period.

ARAPT – Analyse de la recomposition de l’action publique territoriale

This project aims to rely on the network set up by the FR CIST to contribute to the multidisciplinary structuring of research on the study of the recomposition of territorial public action by 2021 in France and in Europe.

FdG – Feuilles de géographie

The Feuilles de géographie project aims to promote the sharing of content and reflections on teaching practices in spatial and territorial sciences at the University. Its activities are based on the animation of a journal with a reading committee and the organisation of workshops-debates; a website also serving as a support to the construction of a French-speaking interdisciplinary community.

Inter-friches 2.0. Rencontres internationales et interdisciplinaires sur les friches urbaines

This project aims to understand the multiple disciplinary views on urban wastelands and to build a transversal definition through collective workshops. It also seeks to characterise the different logics involved in the emergence, transformation and evolution of the elements of urban wastelands (trajectories, systems of life forms, dynamics of projection and representation) as well as their consequences on the territories.

MIGR – Migrations et frontières dans la mondialisation

The project aims to bring together two scientific fields which have both much in common and which paradoxically communicate little with each other: in France and internationally, migration studies and border studies are theoretical and empirical fields which are not very closely linked. The object is therefore, by promoting this rapprochement, to participate in the theoretical construction of the mobile component of territories on the one hand and on the other hand to constitute an innovative multidisciplinary network at the international level.

Rzine - Production and distribution of documentation on R

The main objective of this project is to federate document production initiatives for the development and dissemination of quality resources on the use of R in social and territorial sciences.

logo du projet exploratoire Rzine
TWINE – Cartographier le Monde à l’échelle infranationale

Maps on a global scale contribute to the construction of our mental representations of the World. However, the more or less constrained choice of the state mesh contributes to the construction of a particular vision of the world marked by the existence of discontinuities at the level of national borders and homogeneous situations within countries. One challenge is therefore to build and freely disseminate a global database at the sub-national level and at the same time to offer the possibility of creating maps from this database using MAGRIT.

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