CIST organises an international conference every other year, centred on multi-disciplinary themes and gathering both the territorial research sphere and its stakeholders.

Apprendre des territoires / Enseigner les territoires
Aubervilliers, 15-17 novembre 2023

CIST2023 – 6e colloque international

In German (lehren / lernenas in Arabic (تعليم / تعلم), a single letter distinguishes the concept of teaching from the concept of learning. Whether defined as a theoretical object of scientific knowledge that can be taught or as a body of practices that can be passed on, there is no escaping the need to address the issue of the relationship between the apparent universality of the concept of territory, on the one hand, and the variety of uses to which the term is put and the range of practices associated with it, on the other. The 6th CIST conference will focus on two questions: how to teach about territories (academic knowledge, empirical methods, disciplinary approaches, etc.) and how to learn from territories (observing, exploring, describing, experiencing, etc.). At the intersection of these two questions lie a number of issues, both theoretical and practical, not the least of which is whether territory is above all an object or a subject of knowledge.

Population, Time, Territories
visioconférence, 18-20 novembre 2020

CIST2020 – 5th International Conference

The latest in the series of CIST conferences, this 5th international conference spotlights the concept of population as a central issue in the debates within territorial sciences. The concept of population, which is central to demography and biology and more marginal for other disciplines, involves the grouping together of individual entities. Depending on the particular approach used, the preferred criterion for aggregation will be the social, territorial, biological, etc., with timescales and observation scales varying accordingly. Linking together population, time and territory in a transdisciplinary and international perspective is the main goal of this conference; beyond the fact that it represents a theoretical and methodological breakthrough, the diversity of the proposed thematic sessions is a clear sign that this trio is at the heart of contemporary issues.

Representing Territories
Rouen, March 22nd-24th, 2018

CIST2018 – 4th International Conference

After three conferences that have successively sought to define and lay the foundations for territorial sciences (CIST2011), to go beyond disciplinary frontiers and boundaries (CIST2014), namely through interdisciplinary collaboration, and to explore territorial social demand (CIST2016), the 4th CIST conference is aimed at mobilising the territorial sciences to address the question of representation.
The conference’s objective is to use this approach and to determine its contribution to the analysis of territories from a theoretical, methodological and empirical point of view.

Looking for Territories?
Grenoble, March 17th & 18th, 2016

CIST2016 – 3rd International Conference

Above and Below the Minhocão, Mark Lewis, 2014. 5k transferred to 2k, 11’14 (detail). Film still courtesy the artist and Daniel Faria Gallery

The first two CIST conferences – Founding Territorial Sciences , in 2011, and Frontiers and Boundaries of Territorial Sciences , in 2014– addressed a number of theoretical and practical issues in the territorial sciences. The third edition of the conference, to be held in 2016, will continue this tradition by examining the expectations of citizens, inhabitants, and public and private bodies with respect to territories.

Frontiers and Boundaries of Territorial Sciences
Paris, March 27th & 28th, 2014

CIST2014 – 2nd International Conference

Territories are both a social construction and a material existence observed by different disciplinary fields. This broad interdisciplinarity constitutes a difficult but necessary frontier. Another frontier that needs crossing is the all-too-frequent distance between researchers and stakeholders in territorial development. Territorial data are a way of rendering these confrontations productive.
The 2nd CIST international conference aimed to tackle these new frontiers by exploring six priority themes.

Founding Territorial Sciences
Paris, November 23rd-25th, 2011

CIST2011 – Founding Conference

CIST’s founding conference aimed to establish the interdisciplinary field of territorial science in France by making it part of existing research networks in other countries.

2 in-house Seminars in 2010 and 2012

Territories in Actions
Paris, November 29th & 30th, 2012

2nd In-House Seminar

Consacré à l’analyse des interactions entre recherche et demande sociale, ce séminaire annuel avait trois objectifs particuliers :

  • Prepare the 2nd CIST international conference (March 2014)
  • Compare the research done by CIST focus areas and their progress in terms of territorial science
  • Make progress on the issues of relations between research and territorial stakeholders

CIST Founding Seminar
Paris, October 26th & 27th, 2010

Le premier séminaire du CIST a été précédé par deux ateliers « Axes et thèmes » et « Interactions entre recherche et demande sociale ».