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Figure 4. Temporal distribution of the media coverage for the three well-covered earthquakes of the year 2015. The color scale allows for comparison of the duration of the media coverage with the expected duration of the different phases of disaster risk management models ( (M. Devès, M. Le Texier, H. Pecout & C. Grasland, « Seismic risk: the biases of earthquake media coverage », Geoscience Communication, 2019, n° 2, p. 125-141)
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Albania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Fmr Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia[...]
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Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya, Occ.Palestinian Terr., Syria, Tunisia, Turk[...]
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Europe influence around the world has declined over the years. As a result, European economic influe[...]
In a section written by Karine Emsellem, the ITAN report analyses European representation, seen thro[...]
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scenarios and along with north-wes[...]
The demographic issue in the Neighbourhoods is all too often considered as a threat (a shrinking Eur[...]
La dépendance énergétique de l’UE était de 44 % en 1995, elle atteindra 65 % en 2025 et même 80 % po[...]
EU energy dependency was 44% in 1995; it will reach 65% by 2025 and even 80% for gas. Nuclear energy[...]
The ITAN report provides a thorough cartography and network database of the transport network of the[...]