What territorial cooperation between Europe and its Neighbourhoods?


12 novembre 2014    
14:00 - 18:30


This ITAN dissemination event takes place in room JDE70, Committee of the Regions, rue Belliard 101, in Brussels
[Access to the Committee of Regions is strictly controlled. You will not be able to attend unless you have already registered (before November 6th) or you have permanent access]

This dissemination event of ITAN project aims at presenting the main results of the project as well as its main policy recommendations.

Objectives of the event

Presenting the main results of the ITAN project

– Innovative maps of Europe + Neighbourhoods, at local scale (oblasts, governorates…) –> Europe and its Neighbourhoods constitute a world region, with developed and developing countries, to be compared to East Asia or Northern America including Mexico
– Geographical analysis of the demographic stakes –> Is the demographic rise of the Mediterranean Neighbourhood a threat (migratory pressure) or an asset (rising markets)? What is the demographic dynamics in the Eastern Neighbourhood?
– An inclusive development? –> A Local Human Development Index has been calculated for all Neighbourhoods
– The Neighbourhood as a growth driver for Europe –> ITAN provides decision-makers with a geography of local markets and foreign investments in the Neighbourhoods
– What connexion to Europe? –> International openness, transport accessibility and connection of the Neighbour territories

Presenting ITAN main policy recommendations

– ITAN recommendation for a better territorial cooperation with the Neighbourhoods –> Transport, energy, agriculture and rural development, water and sanitation, decentralised cooperation… Avenues for common projects and policies with the Neighbours
– Two case studies
–> Opportunities for a higher cooperation within and with the Western Balkans
–> The regional challenge of Ukraine, at the macro-regional scale and at the infra-national scale
– Promotion of a “Neighbouroods Territorial Agenda” so as to integrate the various cooperations and projects between Europe and its Neighbour countries and give a comprehensive vision of our common region
– Promotion of a cooperation between Eurostat, Neighbour statistics national bodies and researchers in the field of local data harmonisation