Territorialiser l’Europe : controverses frontalières et construction d’un espace politique régional


5 octobre 2017    
14:30 - 15:00


Cette communication, dans le cadre du contrat H2020 Odycceus, s’est tenue au cours du séminaire doctoral « Faire et contrefaire la frontière / Make and fake the border » de l’Institut des frontières et discontinuités (IFD) à l’Université d’Artois (Arras)

Romain Leconte (Géographie-cités)

The media are powerful vectors of geographical representations: they reflect collective images of spaces and contribute to shaping them by focusing on different spaces or themes. Mass media are involved in the production of popular geopolitics that shape visions of the World and spatial behaviors. In the information press, the reference is the national level focusing on inter- or infra-national news, whereas current dynamics of functional as well as institutional regionalization of the World reinforces wide regional scale spatial organizations. In Europe, the regional dynamic associates eastern and south-Mediterranean countries to the core European region (according to flows and various indicators) whereas the visions of Europe are mostly continental, forged along the ages.
This communication focuses on border controversies : delivering visions of Europe, framing identities and spatial limits, they contribute to the construction of a regional political space and to European territorialization.

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