Social media, corruption and central-local relations in China


7 mai 2014    
15:00 - 17:00


bât. Olympe de Gouges, campus des Grands Moulins
8 rue Albert Einstein, Paris, 75013


La conférence se tient s. M019 (sur la mezzanine, entre le RDC et le 1er étage)

Cette conférence en anglais de Xiaobo Lu (professeur de sciences politiques à Columbia University New York) est organisée dans le cadre de l’axe scientifique Médias et territoires du CIST.

Contemporary China is at a crossroads. After three decades of reforms, there are many changes happening. With the high economic growth and enhancement of living standards, Chinese people have given support to the Communist Party regime. In addition, one of the key reasons why the regime has been able to maintain its legitimacy and support is due to its successful management of  central-local relations. But I argue that things will change and the old social contract struck more than 30 years ago will no longer work. The emergence of social media is perhaps the most significant development in a country where the economic transformation has not been accompanied by major political changes.

In this lecture, I will focus on how corruption -seen by the Chinese as the most challenging problem in the coming decade- may be a potential issue that could fundamentally challenge the legitimacy of the regime.

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