Hate Speech and Big Data. Odycceus Conference in Digital History and Digital Humanities


18 octobre 2018 - 20 octobre 2018    


Cette université d’été se tient à Venise, Italie

18 octobre 2018

14:00 – Opening Remarks
Chair: Massimo Warglien (Ca’ Foscari)
Richard Rogers (Amsterdam) – Keynote, Reimagining Web Archives
Dorit Raines e Stephen White (Ca’ Foscari) – Word segmentation and audio dictation for semi-automatic transcription of Venetian wills: a pilot project
Zeerak Waseem (Sheffield) – Progress in hate speech detection and the things we lost in the fire

19 octobre 2018

Chair: Simon Levis Sullam (Ca’ Foscari)
Nasar Meer (Edinburgh) – Keynote, Racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia tbc
Walter Quattrociocchi and Fabiana Zollo (Ca’ Foscari) – From confirmation bias to echo-chambers. A data-driven approach
Marc Tuters and Sal Hagen (Amsterdam) – The Transgressive Versatility of Online Hate: On 4chan’s Memetic Anti-Semitism

Chair: Eckehard Olbrich (Max Planck, Leipzig)
Rocco Tripodi, Massimo Warglien (Ca’ Foscari) – Tracing Antisemitic Streams Over Time: France 1789-1914
Deborah Paci (Ca’ Foscari) – Before the Dreyfus Affair: Reconstructing Antisemitic Networks
Simon Levis Sullam (Ca’ Foscari) – Genealogies of Antisemitic Discourse: the Protocols of Zion between Text Similarities and Textual Influences

20 octobre 2018

Chair: Marta Severo (Dicen IDF, Université Paris Nanterre)
Franco Moretti (Stanford and EPFL) – Keynote: Simulating Dramatic Networks
Arianna Traviglia (Ca’ Foscari), Irene Sarcinelli (Castelnuovo del Friuli Museum) – Mapping the past: new perspectives for historical cartography
Silvia Ferrara (Bologna) – Ancient scripts in 3D(s): Digitalising, Deep Learning and Decipherment
Luc Steels (Ca’ Foscari) – Language, Big Data and Hate Speech: Concluding Remarks tbc


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