22 septembre 2020 – 23 septembre 2020


bât. Olympe de Gouges, campus Paris Diderot
8 rue Albert Einstein 75013 Paris France

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Plenary session will take place in room 115 (1st floor), and workshops in rooms 115, M 019 and 870


Tuesday Septembre 22nd

10 am
The IMAGEUN project: quo vadis
– Objectives of the project
– Concepts & methods
– Presentation of the partners
This first session will present the general objective of the project, the conceptual background and the main research questions to be adressed. It will precise the position as regard to the state of the art and explore the different possible options, including potential contradictions.

11:45 am
General discussion about the project
What are the global challenges or difficulties related to the project? This important slot would be the moment to share open questions about the general issues and organisation of the project.

2:30 pm
1st Workshop session : conceptualising data collection
Discussion about the methodologies for the data collection and the field research between the specialists of each survey.
– W1 Student surveys (room M 019)
– W2 Stakeholder analysis (room 870)
– W3 Press analysis (room 115)

4:30 pm
Synthesising plenary session
With a very short presentation of each workshop.

Tuesday Septembre 22nd

9:30 am
Plenary session : thematic foci
Presentation of the thematic foci. Discussion about the place and articulation between the thematic foci and the rest in the project. Identification of the challenges and ways to include the thematic foci to the different processes of data collection. Discussion of the possible 3rd thematic focus.
3 thematic foci:
– Economic challenges/integration
– Human mobility
To be defined

11:00 am
Plenary session : countries & fields of research
Discussion about the specificities of conducting research in each country (Tunisia, Turkey, Great-Britain, Germany, France). Preparation of a list of contacts who could be points of contact for starting data collection and cooperation with political stakeholders.

1:30 pm
2nd Workshop session : Launching the test phase
Discussion about the organisation of the test phase (goal : conclusion of test phase in July 2021)
– W1 Students surveys (room M19)
– W2 Stakeholder analysis (room 870)
– W3 Press analysis (room 115)

3:15 pm
Work organisation & presentation of draft work plans for test phase
Each workshop present the work plan for the test phase.

3:45 pm
Conclusion & discussion of the organisation of the meeting in Frankfurt (around February 2021).
Goal of the meeting in Frankfurt: finalisation of the test phase & issues related cross analysis of the 3 corpora.


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