ITAN rapport REMOC

ITAN in brief – 12 thematic presentations resulting from ITAN project

ITAN project (Integrated territorial analysis of the Neighbourhoods, starting in the spring of 2012, stopped last autumn (2014). Before its final report, you can now read its draft final report.

Twelve “ITAN in brief” thematic presentations have been published:
Transports ()
From « Migration » to « Mobility » ()
Water & Agriculture, key issues for the cooperation in the Mediterranean ()
An analysis of media data: do European mind about their neighbourhoods? ()
The Neighbourhoods, a new driver for European growth ()
The Eastern Neighbourhood ()
The Mediterranean Neighbourhood ()
The Northern Neighbourhood ()
The South-Eastern Neighbourhood ()
What inclusive growth in the Neighbour territories? ()
Measuring the international openness of Neighbour territories ()

Besides, ITAN project results have been used in two special reports by CIST:
Les enjeux de l’élection européenne cartes sur table
A territorial analysis of Ukraine / A territorial analysis of Ukraine