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ITAN dissemination events – What next?

In October and November 2014, ITAN project results got disseminated through 3 events, in Paris, Brussels and Barcelona, each dedicated to a particular aspect of the project (dissemination to stakeholders, experts debate, Mediterranean Neighbourhood or Western Balkans…).

Besides from setting up a sustainable local database compliant with European databases, which currently enables to provide a comprehensive view of the wider region (thanks to maps) and to assess regional integration between Europe and its Neighbour Territories (thanks to innovative composite indicators), ITAN goal was to provide policy orientations towards a deeper regional integration.

Many questions arise subsequently to the end of the project.

After such hard work (ITAN managed to compile over 60 000 statistical data from 27 countries in less than 3 years with very limited resources), and the general interest both from researchers and stakeholders, the survival and enrichment of ITAN database is indeed at stake.

What about, with the support of some sort ofNeighbourhood Territorial Prospective Alliance, equally open to EU and non-EU members, to researchers and stakeholders, developing aNeighbourhoods Local Data Platform? This need is supported by most participants, even though many difficulties remain, in terms of partnership with essential bodies (Eurostat and other statistics bodies…), funding, technical aspects.

The future will tell…