Call for papers – Practicing Health and Medical Geography in 2017

Le colloque a lieu du 2 au 7 juillet 2017 à Angers

The 17th IMGS (International Medical Geography Symposium) will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss issues of relevance including, but not limited to:
– How does the diffusion of health care, medical models and practices participate to the globalization process? What are the global trends in terms of access to health care? Do local powers contribute to a better share in health care?
– How does the socio-spatial distribution of health-related resources improve spatial justice?
– How does the wide range of methods currently used to collect data (focus-group, go-along interviews, participatory mapping, GPS tracks, RFID chip etc.) impact research in health and medical geography? Do these methods help produce research that is more interdisciplinary and more connected with public and private actors as well as with civil society?