Odycceus Final Conference – The Computational Analysis of Cultural Conflict

7 June 2021 - 9 June 2021

The conference is held by videoconference from the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, holder of the H2020 contract in which CIST is participating

People around the world are increasingly experiencing the world mediated through digital interfaces. Concerns have been raised on the implications of this development, in particular linking the increasing levels of polarization, cultural conflicts, and fragmentation to the growth of this digital realm.

During the last four years, a network of researchers from different fields has worked towards a better understanding of these developments within the European project Odycceus (Opinion DYnamics and Cultural Conflict in European Spaces, www.odycceus.eu). The broad aim of Odycceus has been to develop concepts, methods and software that enables theoretically-grounded empirical analysis of textual data on political opinions and their dynamics. In this final conference latest results of the project are presented with a particular focus on specific case studies.

A signaler notamment la contribution du CIST : A Multidimensional Analysis of Geopolitical Agenda. Border and Migrant Crisis in the Western European Press (2014-2018)
This talk proposes a geopolitical analysis of opinion dynamics through an interface built for statistical exploration of a press dataset covering a five-year publication period.
Based on two case studies about international migrations and political borders, the aim is to question the ”crisis” status of changes in the media coverage of twenty daily western European newspapers. If time is sufficient, the talk will also present the interface designed for exploratory statistical analysis through visualisation (Telemac).