CIST2020 - Population, Times, Territories


18 November 2020 - 20 November 2020    


centre des colloques du campus Condorcet, Paris-Aubervilliers
place du Front populaire , Aubervilliers, 93322


Covid-19 – En raison des mesures sanitaires en vigueur en France, le colloque est organisé à distance.

The latest in the series of CIST conferences, this 5th international conference spotlights the concept of population as a central issue in the debates within territorial sciences. The concept of population, which is central to demography and biology and more marginal for other disciplines, involves the grouping together of individual entities. Depending on the particular approach used, the preferred criterion for aggregation will be the social, territorial, biological, etc., with timescales and observation scales varying accordingly. Linking together population, time and territory in a transdisciplinary and international perspective is the main goal of this conference; beyond the fact that it represents a theoretical and methodological breakthrough, the diversity of the proposed thematic sessions is a clear sign that this trio is at the heart of contemporary issues.

Conference Programme

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