Call for proposals – PhD in Political geography / Odycceus

15 May 2017

The Phd project is funded within the H2020 Odycceus Project

– Salary: 21 K€ gross (annual)
– Workplace: Université Paris Diderot, Paris (France) / CIST
– Main specialty: Geography and Territorial sciences
– Other specialty: Communication studies, Textual analysis

PhD project

The candidate will develop a research project on the Geographical and political analysis of the mediatisation of frontiers conflicts in Europe, that will take part in case studies produced within the H2020 Odyceeus project (WP5), especially the case dedicated to refugees. The content of the thesis will follow the terms of reference of the project WP5 as defined in the call proposal:

The thesis analyses geopolitical conflicts at different geographical and temporal scales. It uses a large database of news produced by newspapers (RSS flows) and/or social media data to map conflictual events related to the definition of political borders at three different scales: intra-national (e.g., separation of Scotland from UK or Catalonia-Spain), inter-national (e.g., conflict Russia-Ukraine for Crimea), and supra-national (e.g. adhesion of Turkey to EU).

Moreover, the candidate will provide a deep qualitative and quantitative analysis of on-going conflicts over Europe’s boundaries in the context of the refugee crisis. By extracting conflict representations from textual data, she/he will identify and explain divergences among different participants in the debate.

In this thesis, she/he will develop concepts for the analysis of competing world-views provided by mass media and social media, crossing the perspectives of quantitative geography and media studies. In a recent research, researchers from University Paris Diderot developed the concept of “international geomedia agenda” that is to say an interdisciplinary approach aiming at studying the information flows that structures the international public space based on the analysis of countries’ citation and co-citation in daily newspapers. Indeed, by archiving and analysing RSS flows of a large sample of newspapers all around the world, it was possible to provide empirical evidence of the existence of very strong disparities in the diffusion of international news by daily newspapers and consequently of multiple world-views generated by different media sources.

The thesis will be written in French, but contributions to the H2020 Odycceus deliverables will be in English. An expert knowledge in both languages is therefore compulsory.

Candidates profil and proposal

The candidate will submit a 6 to 10 page project proposal (maximum) in English, with the thesis subject, the research methodology, the problematics and a selective bibliography. The candidate will be specialised in political geography with advanced knowledge of all necessary methods using R in cartography, statistics and spatial analysis. He/she will also be familiar with textual analysis.
He/she will also provide:
– a CV
– a motivation letter
– his/her Master 2 academic transcript
– his/her Master research thesis (minimum mark 14/20)

His/her proposal will be evaluated by a jury, and the best candidates will be selected for an interview, after which the candidate will be selected.