Analyse de réseaux appliquée aux données de santé (ARAQNÉE)

28 November 2018
// 09:30 - 17:45
bât. Sophie Germain, campus des Grands Moulins rue Albert Einstein 75013 Paris France

The meeting takes place in amphi Turing

Social network analysis (SNA) is a set of methods and concepts based on graph theory to analyse relational phenomena. Its development has been progressive in fields ranging from social sciences to exact sciences, while SNA can have numerous applications in health research. It can indeed be used to study collaborative networks of health professionals, care pathways, spreading of infectious diseases and risky behaviours or diffusion of health prevention and promotion programs. The recent availability of health claims data for research purpose, such as the French national health data system (Système national des données de santé, SNDS), notably provides multiple opportunities to further benefit from SNA.

This day-long workshop aims at presenting an inventory of research applying SNA to healthcare data and includes presentations by keynote international speakers. It targets in particular researchers, whatever their primary area of interest (public health, geography, economy, sociology, etc.). There is indeed a growing need to develop synergies between teams carrying out SNA in the field of health, as its application is still limited in France, in comparison to other Western countries, despite its expected benefits. Interested policy-makers, health professionals or health service users are also welcome to attend this workshop.

– Discutante : Thérèse Stukel (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Bruce Landon (Harvard Medical School, Boston, États-Unis) – Application of social network analysis to health claims data: the Medicare example
Coralie Gandré (Irdes) – Care coordination in psychiatry: an approach  using network analysis
Dominik von Stillfried (Zentralinstitut für die kassenärztliche Versorgung in der Bundesrepublik, Allemagne) – Virtual network analysis – an application on patients suffering from depression in Germany

– Discutant : Laurent Beauguitte (IDEES, Université de Rouen Normandie)
Nolwenn Le Meur (EHESP, Rennes) – Applications of graph theories for the analysis of healthcare data
Bertrand Lefebvre (EHESP, Rennes) – Private hospital networks in India: analysis of their spatial diffusion using the percolation theory
Elise Autrive (IDEES, Université de Rouen Normandie) – Analysis of migrants’ care pathways in French Guyana using network analysis
Benoit Cret (Université Lyon 3) – Primary care teams (“maisons de santé pluridisciplinaires”) between cooperation and competition: a multi-level analysis

[inscription gratuite mais obligatoire, places limitées]

Following this workshop, a call for papers will be written for a special issue of the French journal on health and territories focusing on “Networks and coordination in health” / Revue francophone sur la santé et les territoires (RFST).