CIST2020 - Results from the Call for Sessions

At the end of thecall for papers for the 5th CIST International Conference – Population, Times, Territories, no less than 33 proposals were considered formally admissible and submitted to a triple evaluation ("external" expert, member of the SC and one of the two scientific leaders of the conference).

The Scientific Council met on June 27th, 2019, and invited the heads of CIST's structuring themes, who are leaders in the network dynamics and in the mobilisation of researchers, particularly during international conferences. They were thus able to discuss the different facets of the theme "Population, time, territories" and, in the content of the proposals, possible gaps and overlaps. The final selection has retained about twenty sessions (about 1/3), which will serve as a basis for the call for papers to be launched in September.

The 5th CIST International Conference takes place from November 18th-21st, 2020, on the Condorcet campus Paris-Aubervilliers.